Greetings from the president

 There is some data that only 2 out of 1000 companies can be continued for 100 years in Japan: it is, in fact, only 0.2%. Many specialists bring to a conclusion that the factor is “It was not possible for them to adapt to changing environments.”

 "Financing, new customer pioneering, customer satisfaction and staff satisfaction"--this is a key of the management everyone keeps in mind, but it is not the reality. I think the top priorities are "the financing which does not depend only on the bank", "to keep improving a balance sheet", "to settle off-balance sheet liability", and "to hedge accidental risk" I have been concerned in management of many companies for these 20 years, and this is one of my conclusions.

 Though it is a private hypothesis, 1950 is considered as a starting year of one phrasing (1. Creation by destruction 2. Pursuit of the rationality to hide human ugly instinct) : we will constantly analyze international economy (=business management in the International society), which is wriggling toward 70 years later, that is 2020. We find the operating issue in early stages and sell the value as "quick solution". To execute a rapid solution, it is important to do it by professional management groups. In 51 Management, three professional secretaries are our own staff: we cooperate with the best partners,※1 who work as managers at their organizations.(※1 They are called the second opinion leaders.)

 The word I received from Rokusaburou Michiba, who is one of the most famous chefs in Japan, called the "Iron man of cooking" is introduced at the end.
"President Matsumoto, a business manager needs three pairs of eyes"

The first is "ant eyes" to see through the sites.
The second is “bird eyes” to survey a relation between the whole and a part by the viewpoint left highly.
The third is “fish eyes” to read the current of the times as tuna keeps up a stream to move.
In other words, no matter how excellent goods and technology are swimming against the stream doesn't go well.

"President Matsumoto's work is to support these three kinds of eyes"

51Management Inc.

President CEO Norimasa Matsumoto