Alliance partner

Alliance partner


Asahi Trust Co.,Ltd

Wide range of trust service

Asahi Chuo Kasumigaseki Tax and Accounting Association

※「Team Fifty-One」

Inheritance planning / tax payment financing / establishment of overseas assets management company

Roppongi Hills Clinic

Introduced by the media

Television appearance

※「Team Fifty-One」

Super-medical checkup / medical checkup for women / healthcare trust service

The Tokyo Star Bank, Limited

New type of reverse mortgage service

LPL Japan Securities, K.K.

Asset allocation

The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.

Private banking / help and guidance for corporate sales

Link Consulting Associates Japan Corporation

Suggestion of friendly merger / MSR(Mystery Shopping Research)/ fluidization of an existing house

Japan Employment Management Association

Service of labor insurance joining for business manager / correction of company rules

en-japan inc.

Product development of human resources business and financial service for staff shortage market

D.Brain Securities Co., Ltd

Expert advice on going public for small business


Digitizing manuals / significant cost reduction