Finance structure

Compliance is still severe on domestic finance, when increasing achievement for a business company, that sometimes burdens with its troubles. A mysterious and complex tax system is also in the way for enterprise investors.

On the other hand, overseas tax authority strongly recognizes that important role to decision making process of foreign companies and investors is played and makes it policy as it is the agency which is as open as possible and as easy approach as possible. Therefore, in many cases, two of the important dissemination of information classes, Information Office for Potential Foreign Investors and Ruling Team, are established. All information and structure about taxes are offered to foreign companies and investors as a national policy.

51 Management will develop and propose a new structure with specialists, based on each situation.

Example 1. Structure by a second opinion of a certified public accountant and a licensed tax accountant

  • Financing which does not depends on a bank
    (Constitution and practical use of privately-subscribed bonds and an investment association, and unique exit strategy contrivance)
  • Structure to the business model which bank declines (It cannot be judged.)
    (Foreign voyage support loan, reverse mortgages for movement to pay home for senior citizens, etc.)
  • Financial structure with capital gain circumference is settled
    (The capital gain taxation measures utilizing a legitimate overseas property proprietary company)
  • Financial structure that an exchange risk is settled
    (Amsterdam, London, Swiss, and Hawaiian LLC company and branch offices establishment, etc.)
  • Tax effect with the M&A, the overseas asset management build
  • Tax effect to the founder, making living retirement allowance and making enterprise funds
    (The stock price measure utilizing a real estate and funds making utilizing trust, etc.)
  • Financial structure with a new exit strategy (MBO)
  • How to buy wise business "office, articles, peculiar technology and the brand"
    (Business tie-up, technological cooperation, personnel exchanges, capital cooperation and overseas expansion cooperation, etc.)
  • System making of overseas approach as the tax effect to the personal income
  • Financial structure for an inflationary measure (property value falling)
    (Income tax measure to landlords and reverse mortgage financing, etc.)
  • Financial structure for cost cutting
  • Financial structure utilizing entrusting
  • Financial structure for active senior and women office worker target
    (Asset allocation / long term and property dispersion for future plans etc.)
  • Financial structure for finding and detaining of core human resources
    (Mechanism of second career to utilize the reserved fund to make staff study abroad and / or long-stay in foreign countries)

Example 2. Suggestion of a medical care service and a financial service

To settle the medical society which becomes critical, hedge utilizes a financial service and a proprietor's (the family) healthy risk.

※Medical checkup is conducted at the Roppongi Hills Clinic.

  • Precise medical examination for cancer early detection
    [Super-medical checkup] option 1: PET medical examination. Option 2: Genetic test.
  • Circulator risk hedge medical examination
    An omen of apoplexy and myocardial infarction is found
  • Medical checkup for women
    This set includes the physical check-up + gynecologic examination which tests 7 kinds of check such as uterus cancer, uterine fibroids, and breast cancer.
    That medical examination is performed by women medical specialists, so there is no hesitation.