Personnel structure

1. Design of company rules, a pay system and an evaluation system

Incompleteness of company rules makes the staff who would like to comply with rules decline in motivation and causes the company weaken. The pay system and the evaluation system are different depending on the job category and achievement. You will need revising and making all kinds of regulations for your own company to make a "strong company".

2. Practical use of a personnel system

The personnel system which clear up each staff's outlook on life, work, home, and success, and then enables the realization … that is the system with souls. Causing of the boss's objectivity and the accountability power is necessary to get staff's consent, for operating it.

3. Human resources development training for executive and executive trainee

The company is decided by the power of the executive (right-hand person): to train an executive and to create the future is the key of management. The constant upbringing training of human resources for "widening knowledge", " planning ability and executive ability" will be effective.

  • Human resources development training
    • "Successor education and structure making as an executive" training
    • "Information collection and the agreement power up" training
    • "Subordinate education power up: Directions and support" training
    • "The meeting ability up: Rational meeting know-how" training